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EgoLoss EP

by Ego Loss




released 03 July 2010

Andrew Herrero
Fernando Ruiz Jr



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Yeti Mind
White monster stands it ground
It's the ground it knows
Cruel beast lingers around
Never make it home

These thoughts are shut out on you
Never tried to get things through
Eat and sleep through this vague muse
As they take on you

White beast lingers on through
Last chance out of this violent ruse
Track Name: Enlighten
Yeah were here
Yeah whats happening?
We take out dreams and pass them on for others dreams
What now?
Yeah were drowning here
Writing off the interest of leaders and martyred acts of fear.

If I should break this orbit, I'd let me not repeat these mistakes.

Yeah right
Yeah what now?
Monsters of snow came in from far and guided me
Yes, I know
Yes, it's obvious
The real cause of one broken dreams is their own adversity.

Now we know
Now its obvious
The real cause of this distorted dream is your adversity.

Guide that mind.
Enlighten me.